To continuously develop and improve the built environment in order to provide an inspirational and sustainable campus to work, study and live.

Enhancement Projects

An Enhancement Project is a project which the overall project cost is larger than $2m and less than $30m. They are generally refurbishment and renovation projects that aim to enhance the existing campus or change the existing space for better utilization. Types of works range from the refurbishment and upgrading of a number of laboratories, canteen, offices, and teaching areas.

Typically these projects will have come from departmental requests through SAC or be an element of the University’s overall improvement plan. A number of these projects are recently funded by UGC Alterations, Additions, Repairs and Improvements (AA&I) Programme:

  • Refurbishment of Atrium Roof
  • LIFS Open Lab Renovation
  • Remodeling of University Centre
  • Swimming Pool and Running Track Changing Rooms
  • PHYS Lab Refurbishment
  • Coastal Marine Lab Renovation
  • ECE Lab Renovation

Please download the application form and have it endorsed by your School.