To continuously develop and improve the built environment in order to provide an inspirational and sustainable campus to work, study and live.

Large Capital Works

Large Capital Works are projects that are estimated to be over $30m.  The projects are aligned with the University’s Strategic Plan as well as being described in the Campus Development Plan.
Large Capital Works are overseen by the Council sub-committee the Campus Development Committee (CDC) and as such follow the ‘Large Capital Works Governance Approvals Process’ with each work stage needing CDC or Council approval depending on the scale of the works.

Some recent Large Capital Works Projects are:

Jockey Club Global Graduate Tower

The Jockey Club Global Graduate Tower (GGT) will provide 504 beds and house a combination of Hong Kong, Mainland and international RPg students recruited from different channels. The GGT equipped with a multi-purpose room for running a variety of programs to enrich students’ experience, including putting ideas into practice and using their technical expertise to help the community. The new development will be equipped with smart technologies to monitor hall energy consumption and provide an improved and efficient online payment system for the air-conditioner and laundry room. By incorporating a series of green features such as hybrid PV panels, energy metering system, rainwater harvesting system for irrigation, etc, the building is expected to achieve HKBEAM Plus with Platinum Standard.

Shaw Auditorium

A state-of-the-art building in elliptical shape, will feature high atrium spaces, extensive cantilevered structures and world-class acoustic design. The building will consist of three superimposed elliptic rings surrounding a sculptural core. The rings that blend seamlessly into the architecture will provide shade and rain protection around the building. As oversized sunshades, they reduce energy consumption significantly and will contribute to an endeavored BEAM Plus Platinum certification by the Hong Kong Green Building Council.

1,551 Student Residence Development

The new student residences, together with the newly completed Jockey Club Global Graduate Tower as well as the Shaw Auditorium (under construction) and Innovation Building (to be constructed) will become HKUST’s future hub for innovation and collaboration. This hub serves to link up the South campus with the main academic building (north), thereby improving connectivity and communication. The new student residences will be an environmentally friendly residence, as well as a living lab to implement smart technologies and showcase of future innovation. As part of the Sustainable Smart Campus (SSC) initiative, students can use this living lab for innovative ideas in smart and sustainable living which may also benefit the wider community. The building will demonstrate an outstanding level of environment and sustainable performance which expected to achieve HKBEAM Plus with Platinum Standard as a matter of university policy.