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Minor Works Project

Construction projects that cost between HK$30,000 to HK$2 million are classified as “Minor Works Projects”. For these projects a centralized submission and approval process has been set up as follows:-

  1. Submission
    1. All Minor Works requests are to be submitted through the online system. 
    2. Minor Works request e-Form can be accessed at the end of this page
    3. In order to ensure adequate time to plan, resource and deliver your projects, the following Minor Works requests cut-off dates will be applied:
      1. 15 October – Site works start following summer break (Jun - Aug)
      2. 15 April – Site works start following winter break (Dec - Jan)
  2. Approval Process
    1. All submissions are to be submitted via the system.
    2. Prior Space Allocation Committee (SAC) approval might be require for works that require layout / spatial usage changes. 
    3. A Minor Works Committee will be set up to assess, prioritize and approve all Minor Works requests, irrespective of funding source.
    4. The proposed works are not to be split up into several packages,  CDO will not consider additional minor works requests in the same space for at least another 12 months from the date of completion.


Please fill in the application form below and have it endorsed by your School. 

CDO Minor Works Project application e-Form: