To continuously develop and improve the built environment in order to provide an inspirational and sustainable campus to work, study and live.

Space Allocation Committee

In order to improve the process of managing and allocating space across the campus, the Space Allocation Committee (SAC) is responsible for ensuring that all requests for projects and space are considered in a consistent and appropriate manner; and the UGC’s AA&I bidding projects are prioritized according to the strategic needs of the University taking into account safety and urgency of works, impact on student experience and resource allocation.

The Application Process

Using the Space Allocation Committee New Space Request/ Project Application Form here and fill in as many of the space and project requirements as possible including the proposed funding source for the works.  The form will require the relevant Vice President/ Dean’s approval prior to submission to CDO.  Please send the application to CDO.  Once received, CDO will endeavor to put a “ball-park” cost figure to the works.

Space Allocation Committee meetings are held every 2-3 months and your proposal will be placed on the next committee’s agenda.  You and the relevant Vice President/ Dean will be asked to present your proposal to the committee for their discussion and comment.

If the project is approved by SAC, the request will then be passed back to CDO for them to confirm a cost for the works and allocate resource to the project.   This information is then sent to Senior Management for their approval.  If the cost is approved, then CDO are able to start working with you on delivering the project.

A possible funding source for the project might be the UGC’s AA&I allocation.  Each year HKUST apply for 2-3 projects to be funded by this mechanism.  Projects are usually quite large (up to $30m) and need to provide an enhancement to the student experience of the campus infrastructure. 

Applications for UGC AA&I funding are submitted in May and confirmation of funding from UGC is received the following March so these are usually projects that are longer term phased enhancements as opposed to urgent needs required for faculty.

Please download the application form and appendix, and have it endorsed by your School.